Lubinski pipe "sea foam"

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There seaside foam It is a mineral known as sealitite (or hydrated silicate of magnesium) which is quarried in Turkey and takes on the bizarre name of "sea foam" because it is not uncommon to see small pieces floating and rolling on the banks of the Black Sea and, therefore, evoke the white effect of the waves that are frowned on the shore.

Smoking a foam gives the original flavor of tobacco as the pipes do not remain conditioned by previous aromas; offer smoke very fresh and, truly unique feature, with constant and continuous use yes "Culottano" That is, they darken. Better still take colors first amber and then, gradually darkened more and more.

The stove often depicts what is produced by Fantasy of the sculptor.

The pipe, for the first smokes, will be "contested" with a white glove, as during the first 5/10 smokes the mineral expels wax and oil (in very modest quantities) which, however, run the risk of staining the pipe.

Smooth processing.

Weight 39.96 gr
Length 13.7 cm
Stove height 50.4 mm
Stove diameter 41.9 mm
Hole diameter 18.6 mm
Hole 43.5 mm
Mouthpiece Metacrylate
Filter No
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