Great Line Aristocratic Castle 1982

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This exceptional specimen of "Great Line" belongs to the collection marked by the "Collection 1982" brand; Finished to create in 2018 by a superb sketch of Ligurian Erica, left to rest for over 35 years in a natural way, it contains in the purity of his line, and in the wise research of the feeding of vein, all the long experience of castle artists' artisans. After careful and meticulous research I managed to select and store about 250 exceptional sketches of heather coming from the Liguria di Ponente, left to mature from 1982 in a natural way, so as to be able to offer the most experienced collectors and castle estimators similar specimens. With affection, Franco Coppo

Sku : C 48

Lunghezza: 14.6 cm
Altezza Fornello: 6.0 cm
Diametro Fornello: 4.7 cm
Diametro Foro: 2.3 cm
Altezza Foro: 5.4 cm
Peso: 61.0 gr
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