Havano House - Old

The most beautiful Neapolitan living room for slow smoke

Thanks to the love for the cult of slow smoke, which in 2017 is inaugurated - in the "living room" seisimbro - the elegant and exclusiveHabanos LoungeThe first established in the world. In 2019, the Sisimbro tobacconist obtained the coveted recognition of becomingThe Habano house, entering the Olympus of the most beautiful, exclusive and prestigious places in the world where they canbuy and smoke ithugs Cuban.


In Naples, the Boutique of the Cuban cigar.


The best cigars in the world.

The best brands and LCDH editions exclusively for the Habano House.

You will not find our selection of cigars as In Italy it is not possible to sell them online.
If you are interested in the purchase you can Contact us on WhatsApp to book them and then collect them in the shop.
Whatsapp: +39 339 805 0022



    Cohiba Romeo-Julieta


    LCDH It represents a concept of success all over the world conceived by Habanos Sa, a company that owns Cuban brands.
    Only a small and highly selected number of cigar shops (140 all over the world) can boast the LCDH brand respecting the standards and rigid quality parameters established by Habanos. These "boutiques" are the spearhead of the Habanos Sa distribution and have the pleasure of promoting the pleasure of smoking cigars together with the knowledge of its culture for consumers.


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