Habano's house

The most beautiful Neapolitan living room for slow smoke

Thanks to the love for the cult of slow smoke, which in 2017 is inaugurated - in the "living room" Sisimbla - the elegant and exclusiveHabanos LoungeThe first establishment in the world. In 2019, the sisimbla tobacconist obtains the scope of recognition of becomingHabano's house, entering the Olympus of the most beautiful, exclusive and prestigious places in the world where you canbuy and smoke ipurosCuban.


In Naples, the Cuban cigar boutique.


The best cigars in the world, exclusively.

The best brands and LCDH editions exclusively for Habano's house.



    cohiba Romeo-Julieta


    Lcdh It represents a concept of success all over the world designed by Habanos SA, a proprietary company of Cuban brands.
    Only a restricted and very selected number of cigar stores (140 worldwide) can boast of the LCDH brand respecting the rules and strict quality parameters established by Habanos. These "boutiques" are the Diamond Tip of Distribution Habanos Sa and they are pleased to promote the pleasure of smoking cigars together with the knowledge of its culture for consumers.



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