Pipe Stanwell: history and origin of the Danish pipe

Pipe Stanwell: storia e origine della pipa danese
The Stanwell company was founded in Kyringe, the Netherlands, in 1942, by Poul Nielsen, when Denmark was occupied by the National Socialists.
At its creation, Stanwell was nothing more than a sawmill where wooden clogs were made, until production also extended to square-shaped beech wood pipes.
In 1948, Nielsen returned to Denmark after the conflict, and with the help of the talented craftsman Sixten Ivarsson, he began to produce briar pipes.
In the same years, Nielsen decided to adopt the English name Stanwell in an attempt to expand its market, as the most requested and prized pipes at that time were the British ones. Yet, his pipes became famous in the world thanks to the unmistakable Danish style.
Soon, around the 60s, Stanwell pipes began to be in great demand, and in particularly happy times the company also produced more than 250 thousand pieces a year.
Since 1965, the Stanwell factory has been located in a former Borup dairy in Copenhagen.
On Nielsen's death in 1982, Stanwell was bought by the Rothman group, led by Jens Lillelund, a former collaborator of him.
An enlightened and attentive guide, together with a very strong collaboration with about thirty local artisan employees of the company, have allowed Stanwell to become a leader in the Danish pipe market, with over 110,000 pipes made per year.
The success of the Stanwell company, however, goes a big slice of credit to the craftsman Sixten Ivarsson, a brilliant and faithful designer, who has worked for the company for over forty years and who has created the most iconic models of Stanwell pipes, still used today.
The Danish style of Stanwell pipes
Stanwell is not only famous for the great quality of its pipes, but also for the fact that about two thirds of its employees are women, which is very strange considering the small number of women involved in this business, or that they are simply passionate about pipes.
The heads of the Stanwell pipes are produced with a copier milling machine, while the rest is made exclusively by hand, even the "S" logo is manually inlaid on each mouthpiece, in silver, brass or white, according to the quality of the pipe.
Every year Stanwell produces about 115 thousand Danish classic pipes, with woods from Greece and Morocco, with smooth or sandblasted surfaces, in brown, red and black.
The mouthpiece material is acrylic or rubber, while the decorations are in silver, bamboo or horn.
Stanwell: the models
The Stanwell catalog includes about eighty different models of pipes, in equally different variations and decorations, with or without filter and in many colors.
Each year, 6 more pipes are added to the catalog, eliminating those that do not establish themselves among smokers.
The most popular models are:
• Vintage Collection
• Royal Mat
• De Luxe Polished
• Royal Rouge
• Hand Made Polished
• Hand Made Mat
• Hand Made Polished Bark Top
• De Luxe Polished Bark Top
• Featherweight
• Statement (Red, Brown)
• Trio (Sandblast, Polished)
• Black & Silver
• Four Season Series
• Silhouette
• No1
• Specialty Shapes
• Compact (Sandblast, Smooth red)
• The Naval Series
• Hans Christian Andersen
• Bjarne Nielsen
• Jar pipe
• Bamboo (Sandblast, Polished)
• Bamboo limited edition 080808
• Pipe of the Year (1994, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011)
• Christmas (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
• Puffy