Il Ceppo: la storia della pipa marchigiana
Some pipes, of great quality, with the brand The strain They are on the market already back in 1970, but are almost unknown to the general public or on the international market.
In 1978, the pipe passionate architect Giorgio Emperor, together with his sister, acquires the company the stump, and begins to make the brand known all over the world.
In the Pesaro, the Ceppo brand retains its stylistic independence intact Compared to the ancient Piparia school of the Marche region, developing its personal production line. The pipes of Il Ceppo have, in fact, very classic and curved lines, a good quality of the smoke and absolutely competitive prices.
Giorgio Emperor was driving the company until 1995, when his brother -in -law Franco Rossi He bought the manufacture.
Rossi remains faithful to the brand's production line, leaving the traditional design, excellent quality and low prices unchanged.
Today the stock, thanks to Franco Rossi and his sister, It produces 1500 pipes per year for the national and international market, especially in the United States, where the strain is a very renowned and requested brand.
The stock: the characteristics of the brand's pipes
The name of the brand, the stump, refers to the origin of the root pipes, faithful to the tradition of some Italian historical pipes not to give its name to the pipes.
The brand's pipes have a recognizable style at the Marche school, but also have personal elements introduced by Rossi, which make them unique, thanks above all to the Particularly multifaceted heads, rarely found in other Italian pipes.
The pipes are completely handmade, in Italian root, with the exception of some small passages that need the help of the machinery to obtain perfect results. The processing is always very accurate, despite the very low prices of each pipe.
The root used for processing is to rest and season for a minimum of two years.