La scacchiera perfetta per la tua dimora di classe: eleganza e strategia in ogni angolo
As you relax in your living room, immersed in the refined environment you have created, imagine a game of chess or checkers that becomes the focus of conversations. But it's not about having just any chessboard: you need one that reflects your class and elegance. Here's how to choose the perfect chessboard (or checkers set) for your prestigious home.

1. Precious materials

Your environment reflects excellence. Opt for chessboards made with fine woods such as ebony, mahogany or walnut, or perhaps with mother-of-pearl or marble inserts.

2. Classic or modern design

Depending on the decor of your home, you may prefer a chessboard with a classic design or, on the contrary, with modern and minimalist lines.

3. Elegance in every detail

Your home is a work of art. Your chess board or checkers set should enrich the setting, not detract from it. Look for finely crafted pieces and tabletops with fine details.

4. Complete set and accessories

Make sure your set is complete and consider purchasing elegant containers for the pieces, perhaps in leather or velvet, that match the decor.

Where to find the chessboard of your dreams?

Take a virtual walk on and explore our games section. We have chosen chess and checkers sets for you that are perfectly suited to the most exclusive environments. And if you love elegance in every form, don't miss the other games we have in the catalogue.

Every corner of your home speaks about you and your taste. With a chessboard or checkers set from, add a touch of class and sophisticated entertainment. Make your move and choose uncompromising elegance.