La forma di pipa più gettonata? Scopri qual è!
That you are a novice smoker who has no idea which pipe to buy, or that you are a veteran who intends to enrich his collection with a few new pieces, you will be interested in hearing in detail of the Billiard pipe.
Below I will illustrate the main characteristics of the "most classic of the classic pipes" and I will show you some items available on the market.
Billiard: characteristics and shapes of the pipe
There Billiard pipe It is certainly the pipe form More loved today and offers multiple variations of the same model, which I will tell you below. The main feature of this pipe is that both the head and the tobacco chamber are cylindrical and the torch has a length equal to the height of the head.
This model is suitable for any smoke rhythm and is perfect to be purchased by those who are just approaching the world of pipe smoke. If you meet again among the latter, you will be interested in knowing that I published an article on purpose for you, in which I have dispensed 7 very useful tips for those who start.
Almost all manufacturers include among their models the Billiard pipe, but each of them is different. In fact, we also remember this time that pipes are artisan objects, produced by masters and therefore each piece is unique!
But why this name? Nobody knows how to give a certain answer, but many think that when this model was created the game of billiards was very popular.
In any case, in addition to the differences inherent in the articles produced by different houses, there are different Forms of the Billiard pipe that I now illustrate.
The variants of the shape of the Billiard pipe
We list below 2 main forms of the Billiard pipe.
There Classic Billiard It is the first variant called in Classic Italy straight, loved for her linearity. Its appearance is essential and has 5 variants, of which we just write the names:
· Medium chimney
· Large Chimney
· Army Flock
The form of this model avoids the formation of the ackquolder, or condensation, for this reason it is highly appreciated.
There Ben Billiard, or the Classic curve, on the other hand, it is the second variant that is given the "curve" pipe par excellence. Surely during your life you will have seen it at least once. 5 variants are also available, namely:
· Army Flock
· ¼ Bent Square
Full Bent Billiard High Bowl
· ½ Bent
· ¼ Bent Billiard
I provide you with one last tool to choose the form of pipe that does more for you, or ours Online shop, where in addition to viewing hundreds of models, you can also get an idea of ​​prices and accessories to buy.
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