La scacchiera ideale per la tua barca: conquista il mare con classe!
As the waves gently rock your boat and the sun lights up the deck, imagine challenging your opponent to a game of chess or checkers. But, as we know, it's not about having just any chessboard on board: you need the best one. Here's how to choose the perfect chessboard (or checkers set) for your boat!

1. Water resistant materials

Sailing comes with challenges: salt, humidity, spray. Opt for a chess board made of materials that resist water, such as sealed wood or high-quality plastic.

2. Foldable or magnetic design

Space on the boat is a precious commodity. A folding or magnetic chess board ensures that everything stays in place, even when the sea gets rough.

3. Elegance and style

Your boat reflects who you are. Your chess board or checkers set should do the same. Look for sophisticated designs that complement the aesthetics of your vessel.

4. Complete set

Nothing is worse than losing a piece at sea. Make sure your set comes with all the necessary pieces, and maybe a few spare pieces!

Looking for the perfect chess board?
Head towards and browse our games section! You will find a wide selection of chessboards and checkers sets ideal for every type of boat. And don't just stop at chess - we have a range of games that will make you cherish your moments at sea even more.

Conquering the sea has never been so elegant. Whether you prefer a classic game of chess or a checkers challenge, Sisimbro has the right solution for you. Hoist the sails and get ready to play in style! 🌊👑🛥

Note: Before making your purchase, always check the dimensions and product reviews. And have fun on the waves!