I diversi tipi e modelli di scacchi: dai pregiati ai Più famosi
The game of chess, with roots dating back millennia, has seen myriad patterns and styles emerge. From travel versions to fine hand-sculpted sets, there's a chess set to suit every enthusiast. Here is an overview of the different types and models, highlighting the most valuable and famous. Travel chess
Perfect for chess players on the go, these sets are designed to be compact and portable. They are often magnetic to ensure the pieces stay in place. Wooden Chess
Wood is traditionally the material of choice for chess. Some popular variations include:
  • Pink : Appreciated for its warm color and hardiness.
  • Ebony : A noble, dark and precious wood, often combined with ivory or bone.
  • Maple : Bright and lightweight, it is often used for white pieces.
Fine Chess
For those seeking elegance and refinement, there are chess sets made with exclusive materials:
  • Crystal : Transparent pieces and boards that look like jewels.
  • Gemstones : Sets in which each piece is set with gems such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires.
  • Bronze : Heavy, detailed pieces, often with gold or silver finishes.
Famous Editions
Some chess sets have gained fame due to their history or their creators:
  • Staunton : The standardized design used in official competition.
  • Dalí : A chess set designed by the famous artist Salvador Dalí.
  • Isle of Lewis : Ancient chess pieces discovered in Scotland, dating back to the 12th century.
Chess, in addition to being a profound game of strategy, is a true artistic masterpiece. Whether you're looking for a handy travel set or a luxurious collectible set, there's a chess set that's perfect for you. The wide range of choices reflects the rich history and universality of this immortal game.