I diversi tipi e modelli di Backgammon: dai pregiati ai più famosi

Backgammon, with a history spanning millennia, has seen the birth of a vast array of patterns and styles. From simple travel versions to premium sets made from rare materials, there's a backgammon for every enthusiast. Let's discover the different types and models together, highlighting the most valuable and famous.

Travel Backgammon
Ideal for enthusiasts on the go, travel sets are compact and lightweight. Often made from plastic or lightweight wood, they are designed to be strong and durable.

Wooden Backgammon
Wood is one of the most traditional materials used in making backgammon sets.
Models like:

  • Walnut : Known for its beauty and durability.

  • Olive tree : Appreciated for its unique grain and rustic appearance.

  • Ebony : A dark, dense wood, often used in more luxurious sets.

Backgammon Valuables
For admirers looking for something special, there are sets made from luxury materials:

  • Mother of Pearl : Used for detail or to create sparkling tokens.

  • Gemstones : Some sets include tokens set with gems such as emeralds or rubies.

  • Leather : High-quality leather upholstery gives a sophisticated touch to the set.

Famous Editions
Some backgammon models have become famous thanks to their history or their manufacturers:

  • Geoffrey Parker : Renowned for his luxurious sets, often chosen by world backgammon champions.

  • Dal Negro : An Italian brand known for its excellence in the production of board games.

  • P-40 Backgammon : Innovative for its design and its magnetic bearings.

Backgammon, in addition to being a strategy game, is a real object of art. Whether you're looking for a practical travel set or a prized collector's piece, there's a backgammon perfect for you. Its rich history and variety make this game a precious heritage to be appreciated in all its forms.