Pipe Talamona: storia e origini del marchio varesotto
Between the 60s and 70s, one of the most important districts of the Made in Italy pipe, thanks to Cesare Talamona, a craftsman from the other, in the province of Varese, who became famous in the world for his "Pipatt”.
The Talamona pipe They made known the craftsmanship of Lake Varese outside the Italian borders, especially thanks to the creativity of the brand that has always produced pipes with whimsical shapes and important dimensions.
Talamona pipe: what are the characteristics
Talamona pipes are very particular and precious. Among the characteristics that distinguish them are above all:
  • The use of precious root: the fresh air from the lakes of Varese is a fundamental element for the Talamona pipes, since by impressing in the root during drying, the air gives a well -recognizable character to each pipe produced by the brand.
  • Fully handmade: The pipes are all made entirely in an artisanal way, with the radical of the highest quality, without following a precise design, but making themselves driven by the nature of the ciocco to be worked.
  • Limited number of specimens: In order not to distort the entirely artisan production process, the brand prefers a limited production of pipes.
  • Rustic finishes: One of the peculiarities of the Talamona pipes is the rustic sandblast finish that manages to successfully camouflage every small imperfection of the strain in the processing.
  • Excellent value for money: Talamona also offers economically accessible models, keeping the value for money very high. The models of this band fall within 50/90 euros and are perfect for newbies which, spending little, can still smoke a pipe of excellent quality.
The Talamona brand today
At the age of 85, Cesare Talamona withdraws from the market, but does not want in any way that his activity ends forever.
For this reason, the Talamona brand is entrusted to Paolo Croci Which in 2007 acquired it and in 2010 gives life to a limited production of pieces, thus respecting the will of Cesare Talamona.
The Talamona pipes, in fact, are still of the highest quality, entirely handmade and very generous size, as tradition wants.
Today the Talamona Pipe is a company with a dozen employees with a handful that produce very precious pipes in the series, real unique specimens.
For some time, the brand has created a new line of pipes in dead with rustic finish, a material very difficult to work due to its hardness.
As for Cesare, also for Paolo: "Each pipe has a soul and those who buy it finds themselves".