Pipe Savinelli: le origini della pipa Made in Italy
The quality of the Made in Italy It is the trademark of the Savinelli pipe, for more than 140 years made completely handcrafted, with Italian Radic Dry naturally for 5 years.
Everything is fine Savinelli pipe It needs 90 steps by an expert craftsman master, who takes two to three weeks of processing to produce it, and only in this way is it possible to join the very high quality standards of Savinelli. It is no coincidence that the craftsmanship of these pipes made them famous all over the world.
Here are the origins of the Savinelli pipes.
Savinelli pipes: history
Savinelli's story begins in 1876, when in the center of Milan in via Orefici 2 Achille Savinelli Senior opened one of the first shops in the world dedicated to items for smokers.
In this small shop, still existing today, the smokers began to gather and discuss, exchanging ideas.
Achille Savinelli began to design Radic pipes And in 1881 he exhibited his first articles at the Italian industrial exhibition, where he collected great success.
In 1890, his son Carlo Savinelli took charge of the shop and directed it for 50 years, and in 1918 Achille Jr was born who dedicated himself to the youth to the invention of new pipes for the parents' shop, until he had to leave for the war .
Returned from the front after 5 years, Achille Savinelli Jr He decided to move away from marketing and produce his pipes on his own, with a qualitative standard unthinkable for the time, especially for an Italian product. So it was that he managed to open his new company in Varese in 1948, managing to be a much known foreign brands as a competition, thanks to the grandiose quality of his root pipes.
Savinelli pipes today
Today, the heir and custodian of all the Savinelli philosophy is Giancarlo Savinelli, which is part of the fourth generation of the family. The productive tradition of the Savinelli pipes successfully continues with him, and there is no shortage of news.
The company today produces from 90,000 to 100,000 pieces per year all over the world, in more than 75 countries, 15,000 only for the Italian market.
Even today the pipes are fully worked in the Savinelli factories, handcrafted with Italian root of a special root of the Mediterranean scrub which grows above 800 meters. The drying of the root radic from 3 to 5 years allows to obtain a fine wood from natural veins, resistant to the heat of tobacco and indestructible.
Smokers can choose from more than 100 models, with regular dimensions, King size, extra, or even in the jumbo format for the American market.
The Savinelli pipes immediately became the emblem of Made in Italy style and quality, characterized by elegance, balance and perfect sense of proportions.
On the core or methacrylate mouthpiece of each pipe Savinelli there is an unmistakable coat of arms, which are divided between:
  • Classic
  • Gold point
  • Gold Jubilee
  • Autograph
  • Brunette
  • Champagne
  • Oscar
  • Alligator
  • Rome
Buying and smoking from a Savinelli pipe means savoring the true productive tradition of Made in Italy.