Pipe, penne, accendini e borse: idee regalo per Natale per appassionati
December 25 is getting closer and we start to ask what to give to friends and relatives for the holiday. But don't panic! We have many Gift ideas for Christmas That we suggest you, to amaze with class and style, the recipient of your gift.
On the occasion of the holiday we applied Discounts ranging from 10 to 50% on a selected range of products that could be the solution to your question.
Gift ideas for Christmas: small luxury gifts for smokers
If the recipient of your gift worshiper Smoking a pipe, There are many Gift ideas for Christmas that you could evaluate.
Let's start from Peterson pipe, available on sale on our website. These objects are suitable for those who love crafts and its ancient methods of centuries. In fact, the Peterson has maintained the manufacturing tradition almost unchanged that sinks its origins back in 1865. For the creation of each pipe, the artisans of the manufacturer use manual tools and spend years in the study of the practice, in order to create the perfect product .
Gift ideas for Christmas
As a second idea we have the decidedly minimalist and elegant Minijet Dupont, available in different colors. The product concentrates its technology in 5.5 centimeters and at the opening emits the famous "Ping Sound". The lighter has a flame with a characteristic blue color, which does not turn off regardless of the position adopted.
Finally, for fans of cigars, it could be an excellent idea a Humidor.
Gift ideas for Christmas
But if the recipient of our gift does not smoke, don't worry! We have others Gift ideas for Christmas.
Christmas gifts for non -smokers
A pen Pineider It is a very appreciated gift. Also donated on the occasion of degrees And fifties, this is one of the most appreciated gifts. Of particular trend is the avatar model, made with pure and available resin in many colors.
Alternatively, our gaze can be turned to the Nava Design products, a brand highly appreciated in terms of bags and work backpacks.
Gift ideas for Christmas
But if all these proposals do not satisfy us, then we can find in all probability The gift idea for Christmas displaying the spell products.
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