Pipe Fiamma di Re: storia e origini della pipa pesarese
The Fiamma pipe of king date back to Historical Pesaro school. Founded in 1982 by Giannino Spadoni, one of the founding members of the Mastro de Paja, today the brand is carried out by the Pesaro craftsman Andrea Pascucci, which in 2016 detected it from its original owner.
Andrea Pascucci's career began in 1989, when at the age of only 23 he was hired in a laboratory of artisan pipes, where he learned the techniques and secrets of the production of pipes in root.
After many years spent in this world, and after collaborating with several craftsmen of the pipe, Pascucci decides to start on his own, starting to produce pipes in solitude until, while he thought about giving life to a new brand, He thought of contacting the owner of the Pesaro historical brand Fiamma di Re, which had not produced for several years.
Since 2016, therefore, Andrea Pascucci begins his mission to bring back to the best glories to the best glories, carrying out a rigorously handmade and Italian radical production.
Pipe Fiamma di Re: the characteristics of the brand
Today the Fiamma di King pipes are the most listed among emerging radical products. Andrea Pascucci managed to keep the quality and the perfect Pesaro style of the brand high, and also enriched the tradition with his imagination and continuous contemporary research.
The pipes are made with The best Italian radical, respecting the vein and natural design of the wood. The result are light, elegant pipes, comfortable to use every day and with a always pleasant smoke.
It does not rarely happen that Andrea Pascucci makes himself fully transported by the imagination, upsetting the lines freely, obtaining unique pipes for shapes and meanings.
Flame pipes of king: the models
The most requested models in the Flames of King are:
  • Heather: rustic, take their name from the root plant.
  • Epic: sandblasted or combed.
  • Nobile: smooth red earth.
  • Crown: brown with black and natural veins.
  • Blaze: natural, with very rare vein.
  • Jester: pipe of eccentric and fun shape.
  • He gives me: pipe with perfect vein.
  • Shou Sugi Ban: black pipes, obtained with a Japanese technique used to protect the wood.
  • Guglielmo Tell: dedicated to Gioacchino Rossini.
  • Synonym: a conceptually different pipe from the others.