Pipe Amorelli: storia e origini della pipa artigianale siciliana
The Love Pipe They are unique in the Italian and international panorama in the world of pipe. The warmth of the South and the deeply Sicilian character make these pipes of real works of art, Creations from the audacious combination of unusual shapes and colors, but which at the same time respond to a painstaking technical knowledge.
There is no doubt about the qualities of "Amorellian" smoke, highly appreciated among the most refined connoisseurs in the world of the pipe.
Let's try to know the origins of Amorelli brand.
Pipe Amorelli: the origins
The first production of Pipe Amorelli began in 1979, thanks to Salvatore Amorelli That a year earlier, while attending the University of Pisa, had a pipe as a gift and immediately conquered from the world of slow smoke.
Forty years after the start of production in a small Sicilian laboratory, today the Amorelli brand has become one of the undisputed symbols of the Italian artisan pipe, especially for collectors.
The distinctive features of these pipes are the revolutionary design applied to the classic lines and the pregetfulness of the finishes. A perfect balance that is due to careful search for Ciocchi d'Erica Sicula More precious, from the choice of its cut, by boiling and seasoning.
The Amorelli pipes, in fact, are produced almost exclusively in Erica Sicula, collected in the Nebrodi Mountains for generations of loyalty. The perfect eral culiocco for the processing of the pipes has at least 30-40 years.
Pipes as artistic artifacts for VIPs and ladies
Salvatore Amorelli fully respects the classic canons for his pipes, but he cannot help but customize them with very particular artistic processes that make them Unique pieces in the world, which classifies with gold asterisks from 0 to 5 To evaluate quality, beauty and rarity.
Each pipe was born directly from the Ciocco, which is studied and blurted out to reveal the shape it contains. It is the radical itself, with its veins, that indicates to the craftsman the most suitable model to create. They are well 70 the processing phases, carried out by skilled hands, to produce a single love pipe.
These artistic artifacts have often become part of the life of prominent characters such as the Pope John Paul II, Bill Clinton, the king HH Abdullah al-Saud and the Italian cartoonist Milo Manara.
In addition, Amorelli also created pipe for lady. Do not forget the first collection in collaboration with Gudrun Pasternak, heir and nephew of Boris Pasternak, the author of Dr Zivago.
Pipe Amorelli: the distinctive features
Revolutionary design and tradition are the main ingredient of the production of the Amorelli brand. But there are other distinctive features, such as The pipe mouthpiece that is no longer seen only as an appendix to the same, but a real protagonist and functional design element.
The mouthpiece is usually made of root or plexiglass, entirely hand cut, and gives the definitive shape to each pipe. Some are highly appreciated by smokers for the subtlety of the dental and for ease of grip between the teeth.
Among the mouthpieces and the torch, there is the Amorelli brand, made of 24k gold.
The Symbols pipe models of the Amorelli brand
Among the most representative pipe models of the Amorelli brand, we find:
  • Beast: characterized by a U -shaped radical inlay on the mouthpiece, which is hand -curved by hand with the help of water and fire.
  • Fract: one of the most modern pipes with a refined design processing.
  • Nail: the pipe most appreciated by smokers in terms of taste, made of root or horn.
  • Lyra: inspired by the gods tool, is one of the rarest pipes of the Amorelli brand.
  • Fishtail: made of root and metacrile that merge by creating a very elegant and sophisticated transparencies of transparencies.
  • The pen of San Michele: This pipe is exclusive to the Amorelli brand and was born from a Sicilian popular legend.