Penne Montegrappa: la storia e le caratteristiche
Luxury, innovation and love for writing, are just some of the distinctive features that characterize the Penne Montegrappa. The story of these magnificent objects, which can be purchased comfortably online, begins in 1912, when the boom in private correspondence pushes a group of entrepreneurs to open an industry that currently boasts more than a century of activity.
Helmet and Montegrappa: history
Edwige Hoffman and Heidrich Helm founded in 1912 in Bassano del Grappa the first factory of fountain pens in Italy. Bad Montegrappa Sold, they were not simple stationery objects, but real jewels, with fine metals finishes such as gold and silver. For this reason the official name was Elmo and Montegrappa S.p.A, also called Gold Pennini Manufacture for fountains - The Elmo Pen.
In 1915 he saw the light a load -bearing column of design Montegrappa with the "reminiscence" model, inspired by the bell tower adjacent to the industry headquarters, which still gives its forms to the pens of the Otto collections.
During 1922 the manufacture moved to the headquarters where we can find it today, but keeping the administrative offices in via Cà Erizzo.
In 1925 Alessandro Marzotto and Domenico Manea acquired the company and in 1928 renew the look of the products, with the introduction of new sparkling lacquers, which we can still observe in the 1930 models.
Penne Montegrappa
Only in 1951 the company takes its name Montegrappa And in 1981 he was sold to the Aquila family, who presented the brand to the whole world.
In 1992, to celebrate the utensiment of the Foundation, the company inaugurated a collection of limited editions inspired by the 1912 products in silver.
During 1995 the design of fountain pens It changes radically, with the Dragon pens, strongly influenced by Giuseppe Aquila. In 2012 the Montegrappa He gets a cameo in the film "The mercenaries 2".
Among his ambassadors, the brand can boast Paulo Coelho, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Alesi and Quincy Jones who in 2014 inaugurated the first single -brand boutique of Montegrappa, cutting a colored ribbon affixed to the store's door. In 2015, however, the moment of a Steampunk collection comes, which will return in 2016 with the so -called "Digital Detox".
Nowadays, thanks to the brand, the luxury pens They are also accessible to small budgets, with the Armonia collection (link).
Montegrappa: the characteristics
The choice of precious materials and the unmistakable silhouette are only two of the characteristics of the brand. In fact, what distinguishes most Montegrappa It is the commitment that puts to meet the customer's needs.
Gold and silver are only some of the materials used, since the industry has expanded the range of materials in recent decades, also introducing wood, copper and steel.
Furthermore, Montegrappa While marketing luxury products, he chose to expand the budget range as much as possible to buy his products. Just think that in 2003 the Harrods warehouses in London, they put the "Peace Pen" model for sale, a storm of diamonds that exceeded the million pounds. Together with that, though, Montegrappa He also created the Armonia collection, which is well suited to the less high budgets.
Penne Montegrappa
The products of this brand, thanks to its own characteristics, becomes perfectly Suitable for gifts such as graduation!