Marche Penne di Lusso: quali scegliere fra le più sofisticate
Whether you are passionate about calligraphy and stationery, admirers of the pens or professionals who need a product that communicates class and elegance, this article is for you.
Erroneously we tend to consider the Marche of luxury pens As inaccessible, ignoring that the price range is really very large and adapts to any pocket, especially in the case of important gifts.
Let's see some proposals starting from the most classic of pens.
Marche luxury pens: fountains
The most classic of pens is without a doubt the fountain. Usually preferred by doctors and lawyers, some interesting proposals are some of some Marche of luxury pens as Pineider For higher budget e Montegrappa For the more contained ones. The pens are obviously rechargeable and suitable for those used to writing with this type of nib.
But what are the main characteristics of the fountain pens? Here are some:
· They guarantee a more fluid and more expressive trait.
· Often the reserve must be loaded with a syringe.
Often manufacturers make the same products available with different nibs, to cope with the requests of their customers. Let's see which ones.
Sphere pens
Often choices by professionals who carry out jobs that have to do with technology, The sphere pens They are perhaps the most choices for some of their characteristics:
· Durability of the inkor: The sphere pens last longer in terms of time, since it takes a lower amount of ink to write.
· Handling: the sphere pen must not be challenged by tilting it.
· Durability of the nib: there is no risk of harming the nib with too strong pressure.
There ballpoint pen It seems to be the one suitable for most people, and all brands of luxury pens such as Napikin Forever they produce them. But not everyone knows that there is a similar alternative, suitable for those who do not have a beautiful writing or who keep particularly to the trait.
Penne Roller
There is a type of pens that manages to give a nice writing to anyone. We are talking about the Penne Roller, which have the following characteristics:
· They are not delicate.
· Thanks to the greatest jet of ink, the stretch becomes more marked and fluid, regardless of the writing or pressure that is exerted on the sheet.
The Marche of luxury pens They also make other types of nibs available. To find the ideal pen, we recommend visiting ours Online store to view all our proposals.