Come Fumare la Pipa: 7 consigli utili per chi inizia
Whether you are a veteran or that you are a beginner with the smoke pipe, may interest you small advice on How to smoke the pipe, to make your experience completely satisfying.
So here is a small list of 7 suggestions that could help you and, perhaps, are not aware!
How to smoke the pipe? Suggestions
I believe that smoking the pipe contributes to a slightly calm and objective judgment in all human things. (Albert Einstein)
Smoking a pipe For fans it is a ritual, a wide experience that starts from the choice of the pipe to tobacco, the place and at the time suitable to enjoy this moment, intimate or convivial. And so the experience of smoking the pipe requires time, calm and relaxation. The advice we provide are therefore useful for smoking the pipe in the best way, small gestures that create a plating atmosphere.
Tobacco per pipe: how to use
The tobacco for pipe It must be well dissolved and correctly humidified. This must be inserted inside the stove in small pinches.
Those on the bottom of the stove must only be supported, those more on the surface pressed, with their thumbs and equalized. We must also eliminate the filaments that come out of the stove.
Lighter for pipe
To turn on the pipe you need to use wooden matches, or Lighter for pipe. These are usually gas. If you don't have one available, but you want to buy it, then you will be interested in visiting our online store, in which they are present different proposals, suitable for several budgets.
How to smoke the pipe?
Smoking a pipe It is very different from smoking the cigarette. The mouthfuls must be slow and supported, distant from each other. The placid rhythm is acquired a little at a time, with habit and experience.
It can be very useful, press the tobacco slightly during combustion to restore perfect shooting.
How to suck the pipe smoke?
The smoke of the pipe is enjoyed between palate and nose. Tobacco can be rekindled several times, but the foundy that is formed at the base of the stove must not be used. Persisting to turn it on, you can risk disgust.
Curapipe: an indispensable tool
The curapipe It is a truly necessary tool to maintain the smoke pipe Perfectly clean and functioning. Using it it is possible to empty the stove gently, without the need to beat the pipe on a hard surface.
How to smoke the pipe