Come fare le Partecipazioni di Nozze? Idee e Consigli
The Wedding invitations I am a really important detail of the wedding. Why? Because the guests will be aware of the hour and the place of the reception and the most attentive also by the tone of the event.
But if you are not part of those spouses of spouses who are willing to spend a lot of time for the creation of their own invitations for the wedding, then we recommend reading this article, because we have the solution for you.
How to make wedding participations in a short time
The wedding invitations They don't necessarily have to be do it yourself. Indeed, by commissioning them you can have gods wedding tickets absolutely impeccable from every point of view.
Obviously this does not mean that you will not be able to customize them, since it will be up to you to choose between the various proposals.
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But what are the formats among which you can choose?
How to write wedding investments?
Commissioning the Print of wedding investments You won't have to worry about writing them, as they will be professionals to write your invitations.
In the case of Pineider, it is possible to choose the theme of the brand, where the marriage pair is directly to announce the wedding, but always keeping that class and that elegance of the manufacturer. Both the address of the families of origin and that of the new home is announced in the theme.
The family theme It is instead the most traditional one. There are parents who make the guests of their children's wedding.
Finally, there is the classic theme, much more synthetic than the others, where only the address of the spouses appears and obviously all the information necessary to participate in the reception.
Obviously All solutions are customizable, as it will be up to the spouses to choose the type of opening, the color of the paper and its type. These can be combined coordinated envelopes and some printing characteristics can be chosen such as the possibility of having the characters in relief. The house also offers the possibility of adding the couple's monogram.
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