Come pulire la pipa dopo ogni fumata: consigli di un fumatore (Video)
The fantastic world of the Internet offers a thousand and more ways to clean the pipe after each smoke. And, after so many years that I smoke the pipe, I think all the methods can be valid (except the one used by my friend who cleans it with the quick!). 
How to clean the pipe after smoke: no liquids!
Well, given, therefore, that there is no certain rule, I propose some suggestions, or, better, I bring you my school of thought gained in many years of smoke. First of all the pipe must never - I never say - see liquids of any kind. Cognac or Rhum must rather be drunk and not dispersed in the useless attempt to "clean the pipe". 
  • After a smoke I suggest you first Remove any tobacco residue from the stove with a slight passage of the curepipe;
  • then insert one brush (possibly conical) from the Bocchino hole towards the stove until you see it sprout inside the same. The "screwed" a couple of times, parade the brush and with the same, bent in two, remove the ash residues from the stove.
Council for newbies: The pipe must form a small layer of coal on the walls of the stove and the operation just described does not affect the construction of the so -called coal shirt. (Could it be interesting for you: 7 tips for those who start smoking the pipe).
  • Then take a second brush that you will always influence from the mouthpiece forum and leave it in the pipe for 6/12 hours: this operation is very important because The brush absorbs all "juices" and internal humidity which do not have a really pleasant flavor.
  • Removed the brush, the pipe must be placed in a ventilated place (never in a drawer).
It is evident that if you want to reuse the same pipe after a few hours, just remove the brush and ... smoking. 
Advice from a smoker for ordinary pipe cleaning

Do not unscrew the mouthpiece from the torch

I suggest, except for tobacco "caps" or brush residues, of Do not unscrew the mouthpiece from the torch, as absolutely useless: this operation, if repeated several times, could create a little game and to make it fix it should then be resorted to the wise hands of some expert teachers.

Always restart clockwise

In any case - and do not ask me why - if necessary, the mouthpiece vans and turns out, always turning it clockwise and above all never with the hot pipe
Below is a video tutorial by us, to correctly clean the pipe after each smoke.