Accendini Dupont: storia, caratteristiche e tratti distintivi
The s.t. DuPont was founded in 1872 by Simon Tissot Dupont in his Parisian laboratory.
Initially the house produced carriages, but after various vicissitudes the owners had to make the production vine, during the period of the II World War, towards those who are now known as the DuPont lighters, symbol of class, elegance and style.
Collections and characteristics
The lines that the manufacturer makes available are really many and present various characteristics.
There Wooden 2 It was the collection in which he made his appearance (by chance) the "ping sound" in 1972. The DuPont lighters they emit this particular sound when they are opened.
DuPont lighters
During the years following the manufacturer, it received maintenance items, and discovered that their shape had been altered by the owners in order to amplify the sound. So it was decided to slightly change the structure to meet the wishes of the customers.
This DuPont lighter has a price range very large.
There Maxyjet and the Minijet They have totally different characteristics from the iconic line 2. Their design is ergonomic, incredibly modern and sinuous. The prices are definitely more contained than those of line 2.
DuPont lighters
The lighters of the Slim edition They are characterized by the small size of the proposed articles, which weigh just 45 grams. The chromatic range of these products is wide.
DuPont lighters
Also the DuPont lighters belonging to this collection have a low price compared to the house standards.
The costs rise slightly with the Défi Extreme, which thanks to its technology has a flame capable of resisting 40 km/h, making itself suitable for using all altitudes and temperatures or, as the name suggests, in the most extreme conditions.
DuPont lighters
There Atelier Instead, it is the one that most resembles Ligne 2. The design of these DuPont lighters It is the historical one, but what differentiates the two lines are the production techniques and the materials used. Each piece is unique and for this reason the prices undergo a surge.
DuPont lighters
But the manufacturer has also entered the market of the DuPont lighters in limited edition such as Picasso and Monet.
DuPont lighters
DuPont lighters: History and ascent
The history of DuPont lighters He begins during the II World War, when Lucien Dupont decided to produce gas lighters. In 1941, in fact, the patent to Annecy was filed.
In 1947 the company's fame began to grow, since the then French president gave a briefcase of the brand to Elizabeth II, on the occasion of his wedding.
In 1952 the production suffered an expansion, also extending to gas lighters and in 1966 to adjustable lighters.
In 1973 the S.T. DuPont produces the first fountain.
The aCcendini Dupont They are manufactured in massive brass, and sometimes embellished with materials such as Chinese lacquer, pink and yellow gold, palladium and silver.
Distinctive feature of these articles is the legendary "ping sound", a crystalline shade that have lighters and that has now become a characteristic of the house. The products are subject to more than 300 quality controls during production.