Pipe Brebbia: la sintesi tra il classico e il moderno
The Brebbia pipe they are very appreciated by smokers from all over the world for beauty, perfect functionality and the "Sweetness" of smoke.
Sweetness that is the result of a just seasoning of the root, possible thanks to the basic soil and the humidity of the Valle Varesino valley, in which the pipe factory is located, which completely eliminate the tannin of the roots of Erica, responsible for the bitter taste of the smoked.
For over 60 years, the Brebbia brand It is appreciated for the attention to detail, the perfect proportions and the harmony of one's productions.
Brebbia pipe: the origins
Enea Buzzi, founder of the brand, graduated in accounting in 1943, in 1944 he fought as a partisan and subsequently enrolled at the Bocconi University, which he will leave shortly after to take place in the Varese electricity company.
Since coming from a family of entrepreneurs, an employee role was tightened in Buzzi, for this reason, together with the cousin Achille Savinelli, former son of a famous pipe seller, in 1947 he decided to open pipe factory in Brebbia, selling them with the name Savinelli, already known in this field.
In this year, therefore, Buzzi and Savinelli, together with three expert workers, and with the economic help of an uncle, they began their job with enthusiasm, good ideas and not much experience. The different way of thinking of both, however, soon led them to divide, but without too many dramas.
In 1953, for example, Enea Buzzi began to mark her pipes with MPB, i.e. manufacture Pipe Brebbia, e In 1968 the brand definitively became Brebbia.
The inventions of Enea Buzzi
The Brebbia brand is undoubtedly tradition, but especially innovation. In fact, there are many inventions dedicated to improving the experience of the smoke, eliminating some annoyances that smokers often face.
Among the most famous inventions of Buzzi, we find:
  • The rain pipe: Enea Buzzi was smoking her red pipe during a thunderstorm and began to reflect on how to make the pipe in a smoking even in the rain. It came to the conclusion that there was a need for a lid with holes on the top of the stove. He therefore designed stoves that they had appearance of famous faces, obtaining the vents in correspondence with the nostrils, so that the smoke seemed to come out of the nose. His idea was then created by Rossi, and those pipes were highly appreciated by American soldiers.
  • Frangifumo: In 1977 the Brebbia brand proposed the "Frangifumo", an invention protected by an international patent. This device applies to the final part of the mouthpiece and, since equipped with different holes, distributes the smoke in several directions so that it is cooled more, without irritating the palate and tongue.
Brebbia pipe: the second generation
During the second half of the 70s, also the son of Aeneas, Luciano Buzzi, makes its debut in the world of pipes.
First of all, Luciano dedicated himself to the relaunch of sales abroad, and then dealt with the tax aspects of the family business, but in 1979 he was the creator and producer of his first line of pipes with 9 mm filters.
Even today, the Brebbia pipes are equipped with this filter, which can also be replaced with a adapter element.