3 accendini da regalare a Natale
You want to amaze the recipients of yours with class and style Christmas Gifts? Then you have to focus high with the choice of the perfect gift.
DuPont lighters are ideal for being donated to the admirers of these small luxury objects.
Let's see some proposals together.
3 lighters to give to Christmas
We offer below 3 lighters suitable for 3 types of different people, for taste and way of life.
The first lighter on the list is the DuPont Minijet Black Matto. This model is known and appreciated for its ergonomic and extremely modern design. The line is available in multiple colors, all equally elegant. This kind of lighter is suitable for those who want to enjoy all the characteristics that can provide one Historical and prestigious manufacturer house of similar objects, but without giving up a pinch of modernity.
Lighters to give to Christmas
The second proposal, however, has decidedly more classic traits. We are talking about the DuPont Slim 7 Picasso collection piece. This lighter is suitable for collectors and is produced in limited edition. In fact, finding it is not very simple and Give it for Christmas It can certainly be a highly appreciated choice.
Lighters to give to Christmas
The third proposal is suitable for young people or dynamic people who need an object that is capable of generating the flame in any environmental condition, even the most extreme. We are talking about the Defi Defi Extreme Cornuflage, a highly technological and performing model with a Camo finish.
Lighters to give to Christmas
Christmas offers
If you want to discover other incredible visit ours Online store. We offer a wide range of pipes and objects designed specifically for fans of small luxury objects, difficult to find and incredibly beautiful!
So what are you waiting for? Choose what give Christmas To friends and relatives, wonderful with elegance!